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Simply Denise
SDM&C Brand Reveal

Simply Denise is your Membership Director and Brand Expert.

Her team is your first point of contact for TXNL and TXNLExecutives. They will register you for Your Roadmap to Success. But the very first step is schedule your Brand Reveal to make sure we are supporting your vision and passion as you see it.

I am the solution! ARF
Your Roadmap To Success

Your next step is with Anthony Forrester and his team to make sure you have all the support you need. Once you are on your way with Your Roadmap To Success you qualify for business consulting services and will be supported by the Executive Consulting Team.

LSF Cert
Living Sugar Free Certification for Team Leads

Andrea Raquel is the founder of Better Me, Inc and SugarFreeCoach. If you are a TXNLExecutive Team Leader than you qualify for Living Sugar Free Certification to facilitate executive panels and group discussions.

Brainwave CC, LLC
Andrew Baker is our #TXNL IT Advisor

Andrew Baker is a long time #TXNLExecutive and advisor to Better Me, Inc., TXNL, it's members and partners. Visit BrainwaveCC, LLC often and don't miss an opportunity to sit in on one of his talks. You will get realistic tips, steps and actionable things you can do to maintain personal security, business compliance and operate as community member without being the source of a breach that could impact your entire organization, community, or even family.

Let's Make Today Great. We Are The Solution!

Welcome to our brand new bulletin board, lobby area. Thanks for making this a destination point and checking in on a daily basis to find out what things we have going on that we can work together on, encouragement, tips, important network information, contact information and more. You will earn points towards our social influence, engagement and service game by logging in here and acting on information and activities as we grow. Please be patient but do share your input as to how we would integrate this into a social site.

In the meantime, let's always remember it is all about the people. We aim to meet them where they are while providing quality choices and solutions. Websites come and go, and we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that up until now FB has stood the test of time. Please do take time to connect and share with the members of our affinity groups on FB. This is a faithful network of supporters, fans, clients and friends who are likely to support our  projects, causes and innovative solutions.

Don't forget to complete your new member survey, getting started guide, and schedule your Brand reveal with our executive panel; and if you have not taken advantage of any training and/or done your recording for your area of expertise do that asap.

We are also launching a 90 Day Publishing Challenge so get ready. 
You will be able to participate and have all the support you need to get published in 2019 and sell your books in 2020!