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SD Management & Consulting For #TXNL

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02.12.20 04:09 PM Comment(s)

The Brand Reveal is the best thing to happen to Better Me, Inc. and #TXNL as a whole in 2020.

If you are part of #TXNLExecs and working with any of our projects you are already qualified to have a Brand Reveal. If not, and you'd like to go that route, contact us asap, before this generous offer ends.

If you'd like to work with SD Management & Consulting for your personal, small business or corporate Brand Reveal visit the website and request a quote.

Even if you're not part of #TXNL you will benefit from participating in the a Brand Reveal. Everyone who has done it agrees it will give you a perspective and vision for your personal life and brand that you've never considered. 

If you'd like to find out more about how SDM&C and the Brand Reveal program is transforming Better Me, Inc. and #TXNL as well as the communities we serve, follow our journey and tune into our podcasts and events. You don't want to miss a minute in 2021 and if you haven't jumped in head first on all the opportunities to learn and get involved.... what are you waiting for?

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SD Management & Consulting (SDMC)

Management & Consulting for small business, solopreneurs, artists, musicians and inventors. SDM & C has been the backbone of Better Me, Inc. and #TXNL since 2012. Denise Giarratano, affectionately known as Simply Denise is the founder and creator of the Brand Reveal and Brand Reveal University where #TXNLExecs have been able to grow and learn about their own brands, business consulting and social entrepreneurship by understanding how to translate their own experience into support and valuable advice for their existing audiences.

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